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Why You Should Hire A Marketing Agency For Your Business

Marketing. Every business owner, large or small, knows they can't survive without it. Why? Because they need customers. Getting those customers is one of the biggest challenges, and how do you solve that challenge? Through marketing. ALL businesses need to have an effective marketing plan to survive, especially in today's fast pace world.

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WordCamp Raleigh 2017 - Keynote Speakers

A member of our team, Sarah, recently attended WordCamp Raleigh 2017. This two-day event was held at NC State's School of Engineering and was packed with WordPress, Search-Engine Optimization (SEO), web development and general business best practices. Both days began with keynote speeches that focused on general life and business insights.

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Hootsuite Social Trends Webinar 2017

Hootsuite's Cameron Uganec and Edelman's Erin Jacobson teamed up to deliver an informative and descriptive outlook on what to expect in the world of social media this year.

Uganec is the Senior Director of Growth Marketing & Education for Hootsuite, one of the biggest Social Media Management and Education companies in the world.

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Instagram's New Algorithm and What It Means For You

You may have heard by now that Instagram has some new changes coming up to its algorithm. In case you've been living under a rock, Instagram is rolling out new changes that will rearrange your feed to show the content you're most interested in. Following the footsteps of their parent company, Facebook, who changed its news feed in 2009 to an algorithm.

Earlier this month, a few U.S. users noticed a new feed, although most are still seeing the original chronological posts. Predictably, people began freaking out, change can be a difficult adjustment. Don't panic! The new algorithm isn't as scary as it sounds. We're here to break down what the new Instagram changes mean for you and how they can benefit your business.

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Spring is in full bloom and we're battling a thick cloud of pollen over here. Much like the foliage outside, we believe that businesses are organic – they grow and change over time. Without regular attention, they can become stale.

We've compiled a few practical ways to pull the weeds in your business. These tips will set you up for success in the remaining year.

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The advertising landscape has changed drastically in the past five years. Today, smartphones are the norm and social media networks are popping up daily. People young and old are constantly consumed with the digital world, creating a demand for social media advertising. If your marketing plan doesn't include social, you are sorely missing out. Now is the time to change that.

By itself, social media may not be a strong marketing tool, but with a combination of print, television and radio, your efforts can be maximized. Fusing social into your campaign can prove to be an effective way of reaching new audiences and creating awareness around your brand.

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5 Reasons You Need Reputation Management

Are you paying attention to what others are saying about your product, service or company on Google, Facebook and Twitter? Whether you realize it or not, there may be negative information floating around about your brand. Many times, alarming feedback and comments are untrue, but they can still corrupt your credibility. Unfavorable information about you can end up in the hands of traditional media outlets like radio, television and print media — adding fuel to the fire and creating a PR nightmare.

If you aren't convinced, here are five reasons why you need reputation management as part of your business's marketing strategy:

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Faulkner & Associates Changes Name to Igoe Creative

Since 1995 Faulkner & Associates Advertising Inc. has served as a full service agency assisting a large variety of clients locally, nationally and internationally.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary we decided it was time to change our name. Most importantly we wanted our identity to better reflect today's business climate – fast-paced, ever-changing and always on the go – thus the name Igoe Creative. It's our assurance to you that wherever the industry goes we'll go too.

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The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Have you heard about the latest advancements in television advertising? Hulu recently announced the next evolution in its sales process with a new solution for marketers. Combining media automation with data-informed targeting, Hulu lets you serve the most relevant ad to the right person at the right time. In other words, programmatic advertising is television advertising redefined.

Programmatic advertising at Hulu consists of three parts — heart, lungs and brain.

The heart, powered by Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP), part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, is responsible for pumping valuable 2nd and 3rd party data allowing you to find new audience and behavior segments.

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How to Market to Distracted Customers

If you're paying attention to current events, you know the television and radio waves are about to be flooded with in-your-face advertising. This is a unique situation business owners are going to be faced with when trying to promote their products and services. Here are several ideas to get you to stand out when your audience is surrounded by noise.

Less is more. Be a welcomed whisper in a sea of commotion. When the market is flooded with promotions, the businesses that make the most impact are those that keep it simple. Utilize white space and focus on your product's form and function.

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How To Use Social Media To Build Your Brand

There are more opportunities than ever to build your brand online. Does your brand improve your customer's life? Does brand contribute to the industry? Every business is different and there's no cookie-cutter manual to follow, but there are some steps you can take to gain traction and start conversation in the social world.

Create branded communities.

The first step to growing your online presence is to surround your customers with experiences that allow them to interact with your brand. There are many free options like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. Test each platform to determine which outlet lets you reach more of your audience.

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How To Know It's Time For A Website Redesign

Your website is often the first impression on the market. A professional, user-friendly and engaging site builds trust with potential customers. An old and dated website will have a negative impact on your business. If you're unsure it's time for a redesign, check the warning signs below the next time you visit your website.

1. Your website isn't mobile responsive.

People visit your site on a variety of different devices. With the growing use of smartphones and tablets, an average of 25% of your traffic will be mobile. Not to mention that Google's new algorithm changes will affect your website ranking if you don't have a responsive or mobile-friendly design. If you are not up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm, you are losing out on brand visibility and, more importantly, customers.

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Rivers & Associates, Inc. Completes Rebranding Campaign With Faulkner & Associates Advertising, Inc

Rivers & Associates, Inc. recently completed a rebranding campaign which encompasses an updated logo, stationery package, and collateral materials as well as a responsive website redesign. The campaign was created and implemented by Faulkner & Associates Advertising, Inc. The company's rebrand highlights the experience that Rivers & Associates brings to the engineering industry.

Partnering with Faulkner & Associates Advertising, Inc., the transformation began with an update to the Rivers' existing graphic logo. A new look was then implemented across all external documents and marketing materials. Faulkner worked closely with the leadership team at Rivers on the project. “As our firm approaches its 100th anniversary, this rebrand is a testament to our commitment to innovation and the future,” said Mark Garner, Vice President of Rivers & Associates, Inc.

The final step in the process was the recent launch of a fully responsive website showcasing Rivers' wide broad range of services. The site's extensive portfolio reinforces Rivers' specialized market expertise and varied client base.

“We are glad to have had the opportunity to partner with Rivers. The new marketing materials and website emphasizes the firm's accomplishments and the caliber of service they provide to their clients,” states Kitty Brann, Vice President of Faulkner & Associates Advertising, Inc.

Faulkner & Associates is a full-service advertising and public relations firm that provides comprehensive solutions, including government and public affairs services, to a variety of clients on a local, regional, and national basis. The Greenville, NC agency is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Established in 1918, Rivers & Associates is a leading civil and environmental firm in North Carolina. Rivers offers a wide range of services including engineering, planning, surveying and landscape architecture in the areas of land development, institutions, urban planning & design, parks & recreation, utility infrastructure and transportation. Headquartered in Greenville since its founding, Rivers & Associates has operated a second location in Raleigh, NC since 1985. For more information or to learn more about their services, visit .

Uptown Greenville Launches New Website

Uptown Greenville has launched a new website. The new, designed by Faulkner & Associates, offers not only a new and improved look but also extensive content detailing the many events, opportunities, and initiatives available for Greenville residents, investors and businesses alike.

The site provides many new features to familiarize residents with Greenville city center retailers, restaurants, and investment opportunities available to Uptown-goers. One new feature of the new website is that businesses and individuals can now join online, something that previously could only be done via mail or in person.

Also new to the website are interactive maps. An interactive restaurant map features all of the dining options available in the Uptown district. Restaurant locations, descriptions and website links are all available. The website also includes interactive maps for Uptown available properties, residential living, shops and art galleries in the district.

“The website is colorful with vibrant photos of the great things that are taking place in the district. We hope that it provides easier navigation for residents and visitors to know of the many ways that they can live, play, eat, shop and invest Uptown,” said Tiffany Gay, Director of Events and Branding for Uptown Greenville.

The new website provides information on grants and tax credits available to businesses as well as a detailed list of current projects. While Uptown Greenville organizes and hosts over 60 events a year, the organization also works heavily to promote and foster city center revitalization and economic development. This new website does a great job of highlighting the tools available to interested businesses and investors.

Faulkner & Associates Advertising and Public Relations Launches Government and Public Affairs Consulting Division

Faulkner & Associates announced today that it is adding government and public affairs consulting to the advertising and public relations services the agency already provides. Leading the new division will be >Michelle C. Vaught who has joined the agency as vice president of government and public affairs. Vaught will bring her broad expertise in lobbying and corporate public affairs to Faulkner & Associates, allowing the agency to expand and enhance the scope of services it offers.

"We have seen an increasing need from our clients to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to their public affairs challenges," said Emily W. Coffman, president of Faulkner & Associates. "Michelle's experience will provide added depth and expertise, including a focus on government relations, to the advertising and public relations services we already provide."

Vaught joins Faulkner & Associates from PotashCorp-Aurora where she served as public affairs manager and led the organization's government relations, media and community relations efforts. Prior to joining PotashCorp, Vaught worked for Weyerhaeuser for 13 years, serving as the company's lobbyist in North Carolina and director of the Weyerhaeuser political action committee. She later led Weyerhaeuser's public affairs team for the eastern U.S.

Faulkner & Associates is a full-service advertising and public relations firm that provides comprehensive solutions, including government and public affairs services, to a variety of clients on a local, regional, and national basis. The agency is in its 16th year of business and is located on Arlington Blvd. in Greenville, N.C. For more information on Faulkner & Associates, call (252) 355-8181 or visit

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