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Faulkner & Associates Advertising and Public Relations Launches Government and Public Affairs Consulting Division

January 3, 2012

Faulkner & Associates announced today that it is adding government and public affairs consulting to the advertising and public relations services the agency already provides. Leading the new division will be >Michelle C. Vaught who has joined the agency as vice president of government and public affairs. Vaught will bring her broad expertise in lobbying and corporate public affairs to Faulkner & Associates, allowing the agency to expand and enhance the scope of services it offers.

“We have seen an increasing need from our clients to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to their public affairs challenges,” said Emily W. Coffman, president of Faulkner & Associates. “Michelle’s experience will provide added depth and expertise, including a focus on government relations, to the advertising and public relations services we already provide.”

Vaught joins Faulkner & Associates from PotashCorp-Aurora where she served as public affairs manager and led the organization’s government relations, media and community relations efforts. Prior to joining PotashCorp, Vaught worked for Weyerhaeuser for 13 years, serving as the company’s lobbyist in North Carolina and director of the Weyerhaeuser political action committee. She later led Weyerhaeuser’s public affairs team for the eastern U.S.

Faulkner & Associates is a full-service advertising and public relations firm that provides comprehensive solutions, including government and public affairs services, to a variety of clients on a local, regional, and national basis. The agency is in its 16th year of business and is located on Arlington Blvd. in Greenville, N.C. For more information on Faulkner & Associates, call (252) 355-8181 or visit

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