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How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

November 4, 2015

There are more opportunities than ever to build your brand online. Does your brand improve your customer’s life? Does brand contribute to the industry? Every business is different and there’s no cookie-cutter manual to follow, but there are some steps you can take to gain traction and start conversation in the social world.

Create branded communities.

The first step to growing your online presence is to surround your customers with experiences that allow them to interact with your brand. There are many options like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. You’ll want to test each platform to determine which outlet lets you reach more of your audience.

Take your message directly to your customers.

Traditional media, when paired with social media, becomes more powerful. Instead of waiting for the media to write their story, choose to share your story on social media. As industry-related stories break, offer your expert commentary and make immediate impact on your audience. By focusing on a social approach to public relations, you’ll be able to communicate your messages directly with your audience.

Publish sharable content.

There are tons of ways to create socially contagious content. Use analytics to research your audience’s interests. People are more likely to share posts online when the content defines themselves to others, brings value and entertainment and grows and nourishes relationships. Before you craft your next social media post ask, “Is this valuable information that will engage my audience?”.

Target customers with promoted posts.

Facebook enables you to pay for an individual post to be seen in more of your fans’ news feeds. Use this method to give your engagement a boost or to promote an offer. Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a quick version of its promoted tweets. Now you can boost posts directly from your analytics dashboard and Twitter will automatically target users who have similar interests to your followers. Promoted posts allow you to target your audience using mobile devices, which means you’ll be able to reach a wider audience.

Listen to your audience.

Read your Facebook comments and mentioned tweets. Create a list of keywords or hashtags to watch what people are saying about your brand, your industry and your competitors. You’ll receive valuable insight into what your targeted audience is thinking and feeling.

Engaging customers through social media can be an intimidating task, but it’s the first step to create sales, repeat customers and brand ambassadors. At Igoe Creative, we are experienced in helping create and execute social media strategies. That way your audience knows that you care, you’re listening and you want to be involved. Social media is a key element to building a solid, reliable and helpful online presence.

If you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level with Social Media, send us a message or give us a call. Our team at Igoe Creative is ready to assist you with creating a personalized branding strategy that is visually appealing, effective and helps you get more out of your online presence.

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