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5 Reasons You Need Reputation Management

January 27, 2016

Are you paying attention to what others are saying about your product, service or company on Google, Facebook and Twitter? Whether you realize it or not, there may be negative information floating around about your brand. Many times, alarming feedback and comments are untrue, but they can still corrupt your credibility. Unfavorable information about you can end up in the hands of traditional media outlets like radio, television and print media — adding fuel to the fire and creating a PR nightmare.

If you aren’t convinced, here are five reasons why you need reputation management as part of your business’s marketing strategy:

1. Reputation management increases sales.

Today, people are researching brands, services and products online before they make their final decision. Consumers want information that will make them feel confident they’re making the best purchase. They are heavily influenced by online reviews reflecting others’ experiences. Online reviews representing your business can directly impact your sales. The more positive customer feedback, the more likely it is that you will gain new customers and repeated business.

2. Reputation management builds credibility.

Your customer’s trust is a key component of success. They discuss their purchases and encounters with friends, and when they have a negative experience they will reasonably spread the word like wildfire. If the public loses confidence in your company, there is a chance you will never be able to recover. On the occasion that you turn the situation into positive press, regaining trust, the cost will be high in comparison to a pre-existing reputation management strategy that could have prevented the turmoil.

3. Reputation management shows your best side.

If you haven’t guessed by now, current and potential investors, corporations and banks are going online to research your company before conducting business with you. These people don’t know you well and will make snap judgments based on the information available to them. Again, if you have a negative standing online, it will show. No one wants to be associated with a business that has a tarnished character. It’s crucial to have favorable information online in order for the public to see your greatest features.

4. Reputation management gives you online insight.

As Warren Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Many businesses have been destroyed due to gossip, speculation and rumors. During a crisis, it’s common to have inside information available, but it’s often leaked to external sources before reaching the essential channels. In today’s technology-driven lifestyle, news travels fast — especially if it’s negative. With access to the social world in our pocket, it can take seconds to collapse a brand that took years to build.

5. Reputation management assists recruitment efforts.

Are you looking to hire new team members? Job seekers are researching and looking at all the facts concerning your company before they accept any position. Know what your competitors, clients and employees are talking about online. It can make a big difference in attracting qualified candidates to your company’s vacant positions.

You Need An Experienced Reputation Management Team

Reputation management is an investment worth making, even for small businesses. It can truly make or break your company. Chances are, you don’t have the time to dedicate to proper reputation management. That’s why you need an accomplished reputation management team to pull the reins. At Igoe Creative, we understand that your brand’s image is everything and we will treat it as our own. We will keep our ears to the ground and focus on building your notoriety while helping you avoid any missteps that could potentially tear it down.

Let Igoe Creative go to work for you! In addition to managing brand reputations, our full-service agency is well-versed in assisting clients with targeted, creative, results-driven marketing and public relations. Contact us to create a powerful strategy that will establish, maintain and protect your credibility for years to come.

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