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Grady-White Boats Receives Neptune Award

February 27, 2020

Grady-White Boats Receives Honorable Mention Neptune Award for “Ad Series (3 or more)” from Marine Marketers of America for Marine Marketing Excellence

Grady-White Boats and the company’s marketing partner, Igoe Creative, received the industry’s creative honorable mention in the category of “Ad Series,” from Marine Marketers of America (MMA) for Marine Marketing Excellence, the most prestigious marketing awards in the marine industry, during the awards breakfast held February 13th at the Miami International Boat Show.

“Winning a Neptune Award communicates the highest level of marketing achievement in the boating industry,” said MMA President Wanda Kenton Smith. “This year’s field of entries represents a stellar mix of outstanding marketing initiatives launched and executed by companies large and small.”

More than 150 entries over 20 categories were submitted from across the marine industry, including entries from small accessory manufacturers, worldwide brands of engines, boats and other recreational marine products and services. More than 50 marketing professionals from throughout the industry served as judges.

These three ads are part of a brand campaign that combines a visually impactful image supporting consumers’ impression of the brand with a single powerful word to invoke a specific emotional and intellectual reaction. The high-quality photography and strong, simple headlines draw readers to the image and reinforce the pillars of the Grady-White brand, which encompasses not only the highest quality design and craftsmanship but also the most exceptional customer satisfaction.

The success of this ad campaign is cumulative to the consistent message that Grady has been presenting to consumers for decades – a message that continues to fuel the dream of Grady ownership. Grady-White measures the success of this campaign by surpassing its sales goals for the entire 2019 year and by the strong positive response from prospects, customers and industry professionals to the ads themselves.


The stunning “Unforgettable” two-page spread uses an impressive image of Grady-White’s flagship Canyon 456 with the Miami skyline in the background to create a vision of an “unforgettable” moment. The actual moment is left up to the imagination of the reader and can be the end to a great day on the water or the start of an exciting evening on the waterfront, or both. In any case, the image and headline tell a story of the enjoyment of a boat owner, and those with them, and their unforgettable experience while spending time on their perfect Grady-White boat. Click here to view the “Unforgettable” spread ad.


The picturesque “Unrivaled” ad incorporates an impressive image of the Canyon 456 with a simple but bold headline to make the point that the Grady-White brand is “unrivaled” in every way—design, craftsmanship, performance, comfort, style, satisfaction and adventure. Click here to view the “Unrivaled” spread ad.

“Dream Catcher”

The poignant “Dream Catcher” full-page ad employs striking photography and a simple headline to prompt the reader to dream about the quality time they can enjoy on this versatile family-friendly dual console boat. The headline alludes to the fact that the boat can catch any dream – from landing a big fish to relaxing with friends and family, all the while subtly saying the dream can be yours. Blend this with the idea that many people aspire or “dream” to own a Grady-White one day, and the ad imagery and one word headline say today can be that day. Click here to view the “Dream Catcher” full-page ad.

Established in 2007, Marine Marketers of America (MMA) is the exclusive voice for marine marketers and the professional association representing recreational marine industry marketers. MMA provides ongoing professional development and networking opportunities while recognizing the outstanding achievement of marine marketing professionals through its annual Neptune Awards. For information and to view Marine Marketers of America’s full press release, visit www.marinemarketersofamerica.org.


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