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Two Hightower Communications pull up banners
Hightower Communication Brochure Stacked
Hightower Communication Brocure view of all sides

Hightower Communication – Brochure and Retractable Banners

Igoe Creative recently created a tri-fold brochure for our client, Hightower Communication. The client wanted a brochure that showcased the company's commitment not only to their customers but to their employees. In addition to the tri-fold brochure, two retractable banners were also created with a consistent design. The brochures and banners were used by the client at career fairs in Tennessee. It's always great to receive positive feedback from your clients and to know that you've helped them be successful in their marketing efforts. We received these kind remarks from the company's COO, "I wanted to thank you and your team for getting the marketing materials out to us in such short notice. The two job fairs we attended in Tennessee were a big hit, and our marketing materials was an instrumental part of that."

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